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The “Bucket Kit”, consisting of 100 feet of drip hose, fittings and connecting tubing, is ideal for families in communities where running water and pumps are not available. The family connects the kit to a 5-gallon bucket elevated at least 1 meter above the ground, and fills the bucket with water twice daily. This simple, inexpensive, gravity fed system will provide enough moisture for a vegetable garden large enough to feed a small family during periods when there is absolutely no rainfall. The availability of vegetables during dry seasons not only improves the nutrients in the diet, but also reduces the need for staples such as maize by as much as one-third. Many families return to purchase additional “Bucket Kits” in order to sell vegetables at a premium during the dry season, providing funds for other family needs such as clothing, schooling, and medical care. We also have a "Super Bucket Kit" which will irrigate 10 rows 33 feet long.

Bucket Kit components:

Super Bucket Kit layout:

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Purchasing Bucket Kits


Chapin Living Waters does not sell Bucket Kits via retail. They can be purchased at ECHO.





Special Price List


Please call the Chapin Living Waters office for information on pricing for non-profit and governmental organizations. The office phone number is 315-788-0891.



Why do we ship Bucket Kits in "Bulk" container loads?



The cost to assemble Bucket Kits in third world countries is substantially lower than in the United States Additional savings can be realized due to the fact that shipping costs are significantly reduced when materials are sent in 20 foot bulk container lots. After the shipment arrives, nationals assemble individual Bucket Kits by cutting and re-rolling 100 foot lengths of drip irrigation hose, cutting tubing required for connections to the bucket, and packing these along with the necessary fittings. We can get materials for as many as seven thousand Bulk Bucket Kits on one 20 foot overseas container.



Presenting the Bucket Kit Story


Chapin Living Waters now has a table top Display available on loan for you to present the Bucket Kit Story to your church or organization. It can be sent to you by UPS and returned the same way. You will also receive Literature, a sample Bucket Kit and a Video tape. In this way you can help to raise funds to help people around the world to be able to feed themselves during times of drought. You can contact us by phone or email.

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