Ways to Make a Difference


​You can make a difference for a family in need. Some of the ways you can donate and how you can help:


  • You can call this phone number, 1-315-788-0891 and make your contribution in a fast and easy manner.


  • You can donate toward a specific project.


  • $10.00 will help toward a bucket kit container shipment or help one family start a small garden!


  • $100.00 will help one or more families in one of the African countries start a small garden and supply food for themselves and some extra to sell.


  • $150.00 will help set up a demo plot or garden in conjunction with a medical clinic, mission or church.

CHAPIN LIVING WATERS is a 501 (c)3 organization. Contributions are fully tax deductible.

Look at our latest newsletters to see how your contributions are helping starving people around the world!

How Donor Funds Are Used


To reach as many people worldwide as possible with our tiny budget, we have taken the following steps:


  • Our office facilities are donated

  • All board members donate their services and pay their own expenses

  • Our Executive Director donates his services

  • Teams traveling to other countries for the organization raise a portion of their expenses


Richard Chapin, founder of Chapin Living Waters, said "If you have friends or organizations who would like to help starving people, I can assure you that all funds will be used wisely."


Primary Expenses include:

  • Bucket Kits for hungry people

  • Conference for Development Groups

  • Sample Bucket Kits, videos, and literature sent to needy countries to get projects started

  • Wages for part-time secretary

  • Telephone, Internet connection, Web Site

  • Office supplies, printing, postage


​​Call us:


​Find us: 

364 N. Colorado Ave. Watertown, NY 13601