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During a terrible famine, Napoleon Dzombe, a visionary Malawian businessman, determined to find a way to help his people.
Although Napoleon had a heart of compassion and personally served the needy, he pleaded with benefactors "Don't make us a nation of beggars."
Chapin Living Waters responded, working with Healing Hands and the Malawi Project to bring bucket kit technology and survival garden training to Malawi.
Students observe water from the system form a pattern of wet spots. A seedling will be planted at the center of each wet spot, so that all the water from the system goes directly to each plant's root zone.
Napoleon told the people "There is no food for the lazy. If someone needs dehydrated vegetables, he has to start working so we can work together to overcome hunger."
Napoleon asked the people to start survivor gardens, and used incentive programs to inspire his people to plant crops during the worst drought in Malawi in recent history.
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