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How We Can Help You

If You Are…


A Missionary



A Development Organization



An Agricultural Research Organization



A Church Or Lay Person




A Civic Organization



A Funding Organization



An Individual with Agricultural or Irrigation experience


A Government Agency


A Student studying to be of service to mankind.

We Can Help You…


Help those in your area to feed themselves and at the same time make new contacts


Provide simple irrigation equipment to schools, hospitals and orphanages so they can grow their own vegetables.


Use the latest technology for growing vegetables in a kitchen garden


Provide an opportunity for you to feel that your gift large or small will make a real difference in the lives of poor people in the third world.


Be a part of a program to train trainers in the third world to be able to teach others to grow vegetables when there is no rain.


Use your funds wisely in helping feed the hungry during their dry season.


Have a short term mission to another country and use your ability to teach others simple growing techniques


Network with hundreds of organizations in many countries.


Be able to train others to use a simple, inexpensive program to help the poorest of the poor to grow vegetables in the dry season.