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Bucket Kit Sales

Chapin Living Waters sells and ships water-conserving irrigation equipment ("Bucket Kits") to not-for-profit aid agencies, missionary organizations, schools, churches, and other charitable entities. If you are an individual or for-profit entity wanting to purchase kits through retail channels, please visit

For pricing information and purchase details, please contact our office by phone or email.

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Standard Bucket Kit

The Standard Bucket Kit contains all the parts needed to make a gravity irrigation system using an ordinary 5-gallon (20 liter) pail. Once the bucket (procured locally) is suspended three feet (1 meter) off the ground, tubes connect the bucket to irrigation drip tape. With proper maintenance, this system can last over five years.

Setup instructions are included.

super bucket kits.tif
Super Bucket Kit

A Super Bucket Kit is installed onto a 35 gallon (or larger) bucket and contains 330 feet of drip tape which can be arranged in various layouts, making the kit suitable for community gardens of nearly any dimension.

1/4 Acre Kit

Includes 2,000 feet of drip tape, a filter, pressure regulator, and all the fittings necessary to develop a large-scale production garden. The quarter acre kit must be supported by a larger reservoir -such as a 55 gallon drum, placed at an increased elevation, or a pressurized water system.

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