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July 2020 Newsletter Part 1

Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWS NET) Predictions for 2020

USAID report: FEWS NET has issued a warning: "Drought, economic shocks and continued conflict (will result in) high assistance needs in 2020." Famine threatens several countries in northern Africa. The PRE-COVID-19 outlook estimates 90 million people across 46 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Southern Asia, Ukraine, Central America and Haiti will require emergency food assistance in 2020. This number is up 91% from 2015.

CLW Partners Respond to a Worldwide

Food Crisis

CLW partners are being stretched to address the tremendous food shortages. Present conditions reinforce the importance of home gardens, particularly for marginalized people. When families, orphanages, schools and communities have their own gardens equipped with Bucket Kit drip systems, they have the means to provide vegetables for themselves during times of weather, health, economic and political challenges.

CLW partners Psalm 139 Love, Ephraim Orphan Project, and Operation Outpour, are each distributing Bucket Kits to neighbors in Haiti.

Ephraim Orphanage reports:

Almost everything we have in Haiti is exported. (Even if) we had money, we do not find much to buy. In this pandemic, we are working hard to have food continually for the children and the soil is our best way to make sure we will have enough.”

Ephraim gardens have also provided vegetables for their employees' families and a surplus to sell locally.

Answers to Prayer

Chapin Living Waters is pleased to provide a matching gift to Healing Hands International. HHI had hoped to send a 20 foot container of Bucket Kits to East Africa, but the challenge of the immediate crisis necessitated funds be directed to emergency food supplies.

As we continued to pray about this situation, God provided an opportunity to send a pallet of Bucket Kits on a container of supplies being sent out by the Malawi Project. A Healing Hands donor came forward with a generous gift, which was matched by the Chapin Living Waters Bucket Kit Fund.

The pallet of 540 Bucket Kits is on its way to Malawi. HHI will distribute the kits for community gardens prepared and maintained by participants in "Survival Garden" training classes. The goal is to also provide a kit for each participant once they have prepared their own home garden for planting.

Your contributions to Chapin Living Waters allow us to make use of the Bucket Kit Fund for opportunities such as this. We are trusting God for resources to continue to bless our partners with Bucket Kits for their projects.

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