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July 2020 Newsletter Part 2

Chapin Living Waters Announces Staff Changes

The CLW Board of Directors is pleased to announce the addition of George Bosworth as Manager of Operations. George is active in his local church in preaching and teaching as well as serving as a worship leader. He and his wife are parents of five children.

George comes to Chapin Living Waters highly recommended with a background in public relations, community outreach, purchasing and marketing in the healthcare, natural foods, and greenhouse industries. George has a great love for working with people, and real heart for serving the Lord. We look forward to the good things the Lord has planned for CLW under George’s Leadership

The CLW board also wishes to express our sincere appreciation for the faithful service of David Rivers, who directed day to day operations on an interim basis from January 2019 until this spring. We wish God's blessing on David and his work with international students and Youth For Christ in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, where he and his wife live.

Tough Times Call for Innovative Solutions

From Healing Hands International: During World War II people planted Victory Gardens to help with the war effort. Now that we are living during a similar time of uncertainty, many people are struggling with basic needs. While we are working to spread hope internationally, we are also offering ways to spread hope to others here in the U.S.

Many of these gardening techniques are taught by HHI native trainers in eight African countries during Survival Gardening Workshops. Last year, more than 6,000 farmers in Africa learned life changing and life saving techniques. These skills were featured in HHI’s first LIVE Virtual Gardening Workshops, which were shared this month with people from

10 U.S. states and four countries! Healing Hands Director of Agriculture, Carl Burkybile, led this creative way to conduct the gardening training. The workshop can be viewed at

Consider planting a Hope Garden in your own backyard to raise vegetables for your family, your neighbors, the homeless, and your local food bank. Gardening is good exercise, provides fresh, nutritious food for your family, and creates an avenue to bless others. In this workshop, you will learn many skills including: making a compost pile, constructing raised planting beds, and drip irrigation.

Living Waters Meditation

“Blessed is the Nation whose God is the LORD”

-Psalm 33:12

As Americans celebrate independence this month, let’s marvel at the beautify of God’s everlasting nature. The psalmist wrote this passage to encourage Israelites, yet countless centuries later, this passage can encourage –and challenge– us too.

And what of the rest of the world? As Chapin Living Waters partners take Bucket Kits and the Eternal Word throughout the nations of the world, let our prayers for success not be limited by our own vision. As citizens are taught the truth, entire nations can be changed. Let us pray that people and nations accept God as Lord!

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