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Help feed a family with our basic Bucket Kit. It is inexpensive, easy to assemble, and highly effective.

Strengthen the food security of an entire village with our Super Bucket Kit.

Provide economic opportunities with our 1/4 Acre Kit. These kits operate under higher water pressure.


“If you missed knowing me, you missed nothing. But if you missed knowing my savior, Jesus Christ, you have missed everything.”

The Chapin Story

The Bucket Kit story began in 1984, as Mr. Chapin, a greenhouse operator and irrigation system inventor, considered possible drip irrigation applications for remote areas of drought stricken Africa.  With much prayer and further development efforts, Mr. Chapin devised the Bucket Kit, a simple, gravity fed drip irrigation system, utilizing a five-gallon bucket elevated three feet above the ground. This system, replenished a few times a day, provides enough water for 100 vegetable plants to thrive, even during long periods without rain. Mr. Chapin was the founder and Executive Director of Chapin Living Waters until his death at age 96. He traveled to dozens of countries to learn of the challenges facing gardeners and farmers around the world. His business card revealed his heart’s deepest desire. It was never important to remember Mr. Chapin, but all important to know Jesus.



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We know it is our most powerful resource. Inform your prayers with an understanding of where our work is taking place now.

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Your support means another garden in another village somewhere in the world.



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